Paint slingers

wyoming’s original street art & Tattoo festival

Let’s paint this town

Experience a weekend dedicated to street art at a one-of-a-kind event!

Currently, on its 7th run, Paint Slingers is an annual street art festival dedicated to the beautification and revitalization of Downtown Cheyenne.





Donate your wall

Public art can provide various benefits to its host and the community around it. The art is captivating and inspiring to those who experience it and can provide new character to old walls, revitalizing forgotten spaces, making them fresh and relevant again.

In addition to the easily visible benefits of street art, there is another huge advantage to public art: good art is respected by all, and its presence has been proven to be the best deterrent to vandalism, saving businesses time, money, and the headache of having to maintain walls constantly being vandalized. We will guarantee it: if your Paint Slingers mural is ever vandalized, we will provide complimentary maintenance to your mural!

Ambasadors of art

Here are some of the hometown heroes making this all possible!

“The Paint Slingers mural on our back wall has become a landmark. Seeing this culture thrive in the historic district of Downtown Cheyenne is a beautiful feeling.”

Angel Maldonado

Owner, The Presidential Barbershop

“We’ve been thrilled to continue to support diversity in the arts in Cheyenne. Paint Slingers has been a cornerstone event that continues to pump life and vitality to our hometown.”

Chad Willett

Owner, West Edge Collective