Currently on its 5th run, Paint Slingers is an annual street art festival. This year’s all day-event will be held on Saturday, July 18th, and feature live art by a coalition of the best artists,  musicians and vendors from around the region. Experience a weekend dedicated to the beautification of our community through the contagious culture of street art!


Public art can provide various benefits to its host and the community around it. The art is captivating and inspiring to those who experience it and can provide new character to old walls, revitalizing forgotten spaces, making them fresh and relevant again.

In addition to the easily visible benefits of street art, there is another huge advantage to business owners who choose to donate their wall to public art. Good art is respected by all, and its presence has been proven to be the best deterrent to vandalism, saving businesses time, money and the headache of having to maintain walls constantly being vandalized. We will guarantee it: if your Paint Slingers mural is ever vandalised, we will provide complimentary maintenance to your mural!


 Public art would not be possible without the support of its community. Your donations allow us to provide things like paint and supplies, food, water and accommodations for our artists.   

Silver $250

Social Media Shoutouts
Your Logo on Promo
2 Paint Slingers T-Shirts

GOLD $500

Silver Level +
Banner Space

DIAMOND $1,000

Gold Level +
Booth Space
VIP Party (July 17th)

Get Involved!

Have a wall to donate? Want to sponsor local art? Or just want to come paint!

Let us know how you can be a part of Paint Slingers 2020.