Give a wall!

Thanks for your interest in being a part of
2021 Forever West Tattoo Fest and Paint Slingers!

We are currently accepting applications from interested property and business owners, as well as art enthusiasts, to have their walls included for this year’s event.

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to coordinate with you!

  • The art pieces completed during a Paint Slingers event are typically not commissioned pieces. This means that the artists have ideas they have discussed with event organizers, which adhere to the event policies that include no images in reference to any political, religious or inappropriate subject matter. Event organizers work to ensure that property owners and artists can be matched up based on content that fits each party. This also means that the owner is willing to put their faith in the artist for what will truly be a creative and unique free-to-them piece of art. If a property or business owner has a specific idea that they would like to have completed, that makes that idea a commissioned piece of work. That is absolutely possible to schedule during the event, provided that the property owner is willing to pay for that artist’s time and work on that idea. Please specify if you have any further questions or comments on this matter in the space below.